I was born in Austria (Vienna) to a businessman and a pianist of Romanian descent. From a very early age on, I was more than fond of nature and the animal world. Whenever possible, I loved to capture special moments with whatever camera available. I visited the French Lycee in Vienna and graduated from the Danube International School in Vienna with an international Baccalaureate (Bilingual Diploma).

After my scholar education I graduated from Webster University Vienna with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (with academic honors) and a Master of Arts in Human Resources Management.

Despite successful completion of my academic career, I was not able to find fulfillment in the fields I had studied and decided to follow my heart and dedicate my life to photograhpy.

The trigger came in 2011 when I visited the Vienna Zoo Tiergarten Schönbrunn with my first semi-professional digital single lens reflex camera and got to „meet“ Vienna’s second giant panda offspring called Fu Hu. This subject left me with an incapability of stopping to take photos of it in action and I began to spend my entire time to improve my skills in animal photography, including the observation and study of animal behavior. The Zoo Vienna turned into my „second home“ and served as my photograpical practice area.

As my animal photos received more and more attention, interest and admiration, international publications with my photos followed in the press, exhibitions, magazines and more. Production of merchandise, posters and banners for commercial use throughout the city of Vienna and beyond appeared.

Animal photography did not just become my profession. I transformed my passion into my profession and I am not viewing it only as such, but as my personal vocation. A life without it is not imaginable to me anymore and my motivation to capture extraordinary moments and share these with the world keeps on growing as I have the goal to spread aweareness of the beautiful nature and animal world we live in, which needs to be conserved by us humans.

I am currently working as a professional photographer based in Vienna and am looking forward to many more photographic projects and challenges.